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Elder Rosman T. Randle


Senior Pastor

Born in the Mississippi Delta in Cruger, Mississippi to Elder J.D. and Mother Dorothy Randle, Pastor Rosman T. Randle overcame abject poverty through prayers and supplication.   Even as a child, it was evident that his love for God and desire to please Him weighed heavy on him. When others his age were interested in trucks, trains and television, Pastor Randle could be found on his family’s farm preaching to the dogs, chickens and other farm animals.  God’s word abided in him and could not be contained.  At the age of 11, he allowed the Lord to direct his heart and gave a resounding YES, completely committing himself to this Christian way.  His audience changed, but his objective of leading souls to Christ remained steadfast. 

At the age of 19, the young preacher was stricken with Meningitis. Doctors told his parents he would NEVER walk, but God said NOT so for the young preacher from down in the Delta of Mississippi.  God HEALED him and he continued the work of the Lord.  In the following year of his healing, he was ordained an Elder during the 82nd Holy Convocation of the Church of God In Christ, Incorporated in Memphis, Tennessee; under Bishop J.O. Patterson. 


A great advocate of education, in 1994, the young man who preached to farm animals, who doctors said would not walk, and who statistics said should be dead or disabled, graduated from Alcorn University with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education. 


While attending Alcorn he was:

  • A Member of Dean’s List

  • Member of University Presidential Search Committee

  • Freshman and Sophomore Class President

  • National Student President of the Minorities in Agriculture Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANRRS)

  • The student Pastor of the Alcorn State University Church of God In Christ Fellowship Organization.

  • Member of the Mission Team that traveled to refugee camps in Zimbabwe East Africa

      He designed and supervised the construction of a garden and    irrigation system, trained staff personnel in cultivation, conservation,  and planting methods, and identified major problems concerning irrigated gardens, poultry projects, individual garden projects and advised organizations on how to improve existing projects.

  • Subsequently, he earned a Master’s Degree from The University of Southern Mississippi. 

  • And is a former Assistant Principal in the Memphis School System.


In 2000, he was appointed pastor of the Zion Temple Church of God In Christ in Memphis, Tennessee by the late Bishop Samuel Leon Lowe of the Tennessee 5th Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction. Under his leadership, the property valued at $400,000 with a maximum seating capacity of 300, was enhanced and is now worth 1.2 million and seats 600.  His focus continues to be leading souls to Christ. His mission is to proclaim the gospel of Christ through preaching, teaching, and providing community oriented programs to empower individuals as well as families to build strength, stability and resources to address obstacles and attain goals.


He expanded his efforts outside of the church walls by founding three 501 3c organizations:

  • GYAC (Giving Youth A Chance)

  • BASIC (Building A Strong Independent Community)

  • Life Worth Living Outreach Ministries all are registered 501c(3)


As a result of his efforts, GYAC, in partnership with the State of Tennessee provides meals to at risk youth, with a 2.2 million dollar budget, which he oversees.  Zion Temple is an anchor in its community and is accessible to its people 6 days a week.  During community crisis he opens the church doors to meet the needs of the community.  As an Angel Tree partner, Zion Temple provides Christmas gifts and family style meal to 80 children and their families, each year.  He is also the founder of the Clarence Randle Institute, which is a faith based, educational and positive pro-social enrichment summer camp.


With all of this he never wearies. He serves the grand old Church of God In Christ on the local, district, jurisdictional and national levels. He serves as:

  • Church of God In Christ, Inc. Adjutant Overseer

  • Church of God In Christ, Inc. Assistant General Secretary for Publication

  • Administrative Assistant and Executive Secretary for the Tennessee 5th Ecclesiastical  Jurisdiction


Moreover, the Spirit of the Lord is upon him, because he hath anointed him to preach the gospel.  A great orator in his own right, rightly dividing the word of truth, this prolific preacher

  • Is “for real” saved and sanctified!

  • Holy Ghost Filled!

  • A Christian Theologian!

  • A Biblical Scholar!

  • An Inexhaustible Praiseologist!

  • A devout prayer petitioner and intercessor for the people!

  • Is not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord!

  • Preaches the word in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long-suffering and doctrine!

As Pastor of The Zion Temple Church of God in Christ and with the heart of an evangelist, the number of souls added to the church cannot be quantified, nor the miracles, healing and deliverance through his yielding to God be numerated. 


No man, when he hath lighted a candle, putteth it in a secret place, neither under a bushel, but on a candlestick, that they which come in may see the light.  This preacher exemplifies holiness through his daily walk in life. By any standard, he proves to be a dedicated man of service.  Some people speak about their focus of faith and labor, this preacher lives that focused life with distinction.


A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men. This preacher’s feet have treaded international soil, spreading the Good News in Africa, India, and as the personal guest of the Prime Minister of Israel.

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Rosman T.  Randle was appointed pastor of the Zion Temple Church of God in Christ in 2000 by the late Bishop Samuel Leon Lowe of the Tennessee 5th Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction.

He servers the Church of God in Christ in numerous capacities, including Adjutant Overseer and Jurisdictional Administrative Assistant.  He is a philanthropist and has established several foundations to meet the social and economic needs of youth and families in the surrounding community.  

He is married to Tamala Price Randle.  They are the proud parents of one son and two daughters.

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